2009-2013 (The early years):

Our founding members start with the idea to create own songs, produce music and remixes for other projects.
At the beginning as a non-commercial project with a great creative musician team. sun-traxx (later: suntraxxmusic) was born.

In the year 2012 we have received many requests from the listeners and fans for buying tracks and albums of our artists in official stores world wide.
We wanted to realize this matter and we have decided a commercial distribution our productions in future. 


Therefore suntraxxmusic was taken over by the company srlnet Entertainment and expanded to a music label in October 2013.
Releases in worldwide digital stores are available since 2014.
suntraxxmusic productions are based on music style of EDM (Dance, Trance, House and Electro Music). Releases are available for all kinds of music.
In spring of 2016 cooperate srlnet Entertainment with different international media agencies and other indie and major labels world wide.
The first big licence-releases are created for booth sides with many success. 


2017 - present: 

srlnet Entertainment launched 2017 the brand sonevomedia with the main label sonevo.media and cooperate as SMI/SME Music International with other labels and publisher worldwide in digital and pysical music market. The different music genres are divided to the label suntraxxmusic and to the new label sonevo.one.



* suntraxxmusic
(music label, music promotion, music distribution, artist support, artist management)

* sonevo.one
(music label, music promotion, music distribution, artist support, artist management)

* srm production
(sublabel, music production, studio, mastering)

*SMI/SME Music International
(cooperation, distribution licencing, music distribution)

* SMI/SME Music Publishing International
(international publishing)

* Edition strxx (strxx publ.)

* PH Production
(sublabel, licenced music production by P. Holda)

* In-House Producer/Remixer
(E.Werdt, T. Weder, M. Cobie, D. Stefanescu, K. Feurich, R. Frank, R. Visa)

* Additional Producer
(M. de Van, S. Ergrover, S. Ruvinsky, F. + M. la Sentimento)

* Additional Remixer
(Cache DJ Production by N. Pasqual)